Milton Pinafore

Anyone else completely obsessed with checks/gingham at the moment? I cannot get enough! It fits so well into my cottagecore / hobbit aesthetic which is definitely my 2022 vibe. I originally ordered this fabric to make an Anthea Dress but after feeling how thick and stable it is I decided to make a pinafore – this fabric is lovely and weighty it would also be amazing for trousers or even jackets. I have a little bit leftover – not enough for trousers or a jacket but definitely enough for shorts or a top!

The pinafore pattern I chose is the Peppermint Milton Pinafore which is a free pdf pattern readily available for anyone to download. Considering this fabric is only £6.99pm that makes the cost of this make an absolute bargain! The pattern is a relatively simple make even though the bodice is fully lined as it all comes together so nicely. The straps are attached to the skirt using buttons so the length is easily adjustable – although perhaps not the most accessible pattern for people with mobility issues as all of the openings are buttons in the back. I like the fit – the bodice and skirt are both darted for a nice shape, this makes a change from a lot of flowy and gathered things I’ve been making of late. I love the button up skirt for a bit of detail, I chose chunky mother of pearl buttons to make this pinafore extra *fancy*.

As the skirt is an A-line shape, it is cut on the bias at the sides, so any hope of pattern matching at the side seams is impossible. Therefore, I have tried to make sure it looks great from the front and back. I have eliminated the pockets, although in-seam pockets were included in the pattern, as I wanted a clean look to that silhouette which is quite fitted and didn’t want the lumps associated with adding in-seam pockets. I may add patch pockets at a later date.

I love all the colours this fabric comes in and am tempted to order some more to make a Heather Blazer with. It was an absolute pleasure to sew and I almost forgot to mention the best part – the fabric responded well to pressing BUT also somehow magically doesn’t crease! I usually find it’s one or the other – if the fabric responds well to pressing it usually creases easily (I’m looking at you linen) or if it doesn’t crease then it probably also doesn’t respond to an iron! I left this on my sewing table, screwed up in a ball after sewing but waiting for buttons, and when I picked it up to stitch buttons on it looked like this – it hasn’t creased at all. I guess that is the benefit of the added polyester? Admittedly, I don’t sew with a lot of polyester fabrics but I am impressed by this.

I’ve worn this several times already despite it being a bit snug, I sewed a toile at the end of last year and have just made the same again but have obviously gained a few inches since the toile. I think it is okay though and have still been wearing it as the fabric has a little bit of give. Can’t wait to pair this with floaty tops and sandals in the summer!

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