Another Anthea

The spring weather is here! When this fabric arrived I definitely knew it would get so much wear in spring! The florals are so beautiful and the colours so pretty. The pattern I have used is the Anna Allen Anthea Blouse which you may remember I have made before and I think it is perfect for quilting cottons which is always good to know! I love a good quilting cotton but often struggle to find good patterns to make with them – this simple but elevated shirt pattern is the perfect solution!

With the collarless design and big sleeves, it’s fashion forward while still looking smart enough to wear for work. I love the construction too, the button plackets are grown-on which means a lot of fiddly sewing is eliminated! I have worn it here tucked into a wool skirt that came from my local clothes swap, but I plan to wear it under a pinafore often too. My new obsession with layered cottagecore / hobbit style has me yearning for more pinafores to layer over shirts like this. I have a whole board here on Pinterest if you want to take a look at the style I have in mind!

These sleeves are about as big as I would like to go

The fabric is a beautiful cotton by Art Gallery Fabrics and they never disappoint with their design or quality. The printing is exquisite and the design is lovely. I have a tiny bit leftover and definitely plan to make a matching mask! (anyone else still mask-making or mask-wearing even?!). The buttons I used are some simple mother-of-pearl ones which you can’t see well in the pictures but which perfectly match the heirloom-esque quality which I was going for with this garment, I really took my time and the make is beautiful inside and out. The mother of pearl has a sort of pink-ish colour to it and it matches some of the coral colours in the print. I was going to link my favourite eBay seller for mother of pearl buttons but it looks like they are no longer active – I can recommend shopping on eBay for buttons though!

I made this a few weeks ago but haven’t actually worn it yet because I cannot stuff those sleeves into a cardigan or jumper comfortably and it’s still too cold to have bare arms. Hopefully the weather warms up and I can wear it soon. I don’t have a lot to say about this one, if you want to read more – I already talked about the pattern in this blog post here.

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