Poza Cowl & little announcement

Today I have a knitting project to share with you but first I wanted to let you know that the name of my blog is changing from ‘Sewstainability’ to ‘Making and Books’. It is still me (hi!) and the content will still be the same (although possibly more mentions of the books I’m reading?) but I think that I have outgrown the name ‘Sewstainability’ as I am just not sewing as sustainably as I would like and felt like a bit of a fraud! I am currently sewing a top out of an old tablecloth and I have also pledged not to buy any new fabric this year – so my sustainable intentions aren’t going anywhere, but I was feeling very restricted by the idea that I should only post when I had something sustainable to say and this new name feels very freeing. I hope you will stick around for this new chapter!

Sewstainability was founded in 2017 and since then I have rediscovered my love for reading (2018) and learned to knit (2019) and this new blog name better reflects all my interests. Therefore, it seems fitting that today’s post is another knitting one…

The Poza Cowl

I think it is possible I have decided that knitting lace is my favourite way to knit. I won’t be giving up knitting colorwork or other techniques but lace has my heart. I just love watching it unfold, the stitches are usually simple and even the most complex lace patterns (that I’ve tried so far) have ended up getting repetitive and rhythmic. I love getting into the flow of a lace pattern while it stays interesting to knit and doesn’t get boring despite the lovely repetitive nature of lace. Also, it’s just MAGIC – no other yarns, no other colours but by playing with knits, purls, yarn overs, increases and decreases we get these amazing patterns unfolding!

I knew I wanted to sew the Poza cowl as soon as I saw it but when I saw this version hacked to use Dk weight wool I was in LOVE. The slightly chunkier yarn brings into relief all the details of the lace chart and I knew I wanted to replicate this version.

Not wanting to buy new yarn when I already have a decent amount at home, I decided to pull out a skein of yarn I already have. I didn’t have any DK but I did have one skein of Malabrigo Arroryo (sport weight) in the colourway Aguas. Perfect!

This was my first time really altering a pattern but as it is a cowl it doesn’t exactly have to fit well so I decided to just go for it. Because there is less yarn on a skein of sport weight than 4ply (and the garment will turn out bigger) I had to make it smaller than the pattern was written. I cast on 192 stitches (instead of 240) for eight pattern repeats instead of ten. The lace pattern was enjoyable to knit and I loved knitting this first section. I then knit 8 stitches, 6 stitches and 4 stitches between the next lace sections respectively.

The cowl turned out pretty but perhaps more surprising has been how much i’ve worn it. Because it’s so easy to throw on – you don’t have to style it like a shawl or wrap it nicely like a scarf I’ve been chucking this on with almost every outfit this winter. I think I might actually make a second one exactly as the pattern was written if I can find a lonely skein of 4ply that is going unused!

Have you ever ‘hacked’ any knitting? I must admit I find it a lot more scary than hacking sewing patterns!

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