New Look 6678 Review

I ordered this New Look 6678 pattern to join in with Minerva’s #SewnWithNewLook challenge in January. I love the square neck, the puff sleeves and the button front – I’ve been looking for this exact pattern for a while and had completely overlooked New Look as it is not a brand I have ever used before. The pattern arrived and the sizing is much smaller than I had realised (shows how much straight sized privilege I have to have not even checked the size chart before I ordered!) anyway, the pattern arrived and there was no way I could fit into the largest size of the trousers but I could fit into the top which is what I was planning to make. I ummed and ahhed for a long time deciding whether to send the pattern back on principle but took too long to decide and ended up keeping it because I missed the returns window.

So I decided to make it with the disclaimer that this has an extremely disappointing size range, the largest size only goes up to a 40in bust and 42in hip. I chose to pull out some stash fabric for this make and chose this white strawberries viscose that was deadstock from the Marks and Spencers X GHOST collaboration bought last year from Rainbow Fabrics Kilburn which is one of my favourite places to shop for fabric at the moment.

The dress from M&S X GHOST

I went for a viscose because I wanted some lovely drape in those sleeves. I love a big sleeve but know that I will get self conscious and not wear them if they puff out *too* much so I knew if I chose a lovely drapey viscose I would be safe. I struggle with social anxiety and cannot cope with anything that I deem to be ‘drawing attention’ to myself, I much prefer to be able to fade into the background. (I know this contradicts with taking pictures of myself and talking about the outfits on the internet but a lot of anxious people will tell you that online communities feel like their safe spaces.)

Those sleeves are too puffy for me
I have not altered the puff in these sleeves at all, the difference is all in the fabric choice

Anyway, the picture on the front of the pattern shows sleeves that are a bit too big for me, that top looks like it’s made from a cotton so I thought it seemed safe to go with a drapey viscose fabric. After taking my measurements I was approximately a size 14 but past experience tells me there is a lot of ease in ‘Big 4’ patterns so I chose to size down and make the 12. This was fine everywhere except the hips where it was a little snug so I had to let out the darts in the back. Pretty impressed that the sizing was fairly accurate as this was not what I was expecting!

The pattern came together easily and was well written. As with most ‘Big 4’ patterns they don’t explain many basic things like when to finish seams, but the crucial information is all there. I liked the construction of the top, the sleeves went in nicely and I liked the clever use of facings. I think the finished top is really cute and am quite tempted to make it again with a gathered skirt to change it into a dress! This is my first time sewing with a New Look pattern but while I love the design I don’t think I will shop with them again until they expand their size range.

I kept the darts in the front and removed the ones in the back to fit my hips

Since making this, I have had a few followers recommend the Stitch Witch Patterns Tudor Blouse as a slightly more size inclusive alternative – that goes up to a 50in bust and 52in hip.

Here’s a pic of the Tudor Blouse for reference.

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One thought on “New Look 6678 Review

  1. Love the look of the pattern, including the trousers. Does the top have to be button or could it be a slip over your head top? I am beginning to sew for the summer as I have little time and am so slow. Also I have gained 4 centimetres in all of my key areas so need to make changes.


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