One Year Sewn – 2020 edition

It’s not exactly surprising that I made very little in 2020. Having zero school, childcare or support from March to September drained me and my creativity vanished. Therefore doing my usual quarterly One Year Sewn posts have felt particularly pointless this year – I made very little and would only have one or two garments to talk about each quarter. PLUS each garment has seen very little wear because I spent an unhealthy amount of time over the last 18 months in PJs!

However, I would like to continue the tradition of looking at makes that are a year old. Partly because I love giving people an excuse for sharing makes again – it’s far too common that we share a make when it’s new and then never talk about it again! Normalising re-sharing makes is one of my missions – those makes deserve it! The other reason I think talking about garments one-year-on is because we can’t possibly know the quality of a fabric or the wearability of a pattern as soon as it’s made! I wanna know if that fabric bobbled after it’s third wash or if the pockets on those dungarees are in completely the wrong place! TELL ME MORE!

Anyway, here is everything I made in 2020 and what I think of it after One Year Sewn…

Burnside Bibs

Burnside Bibs – these have been worn several times but I am not in love with this view of the pattern. I selected the looser view that is baggy enough to slip over the hips – this means they are very loose, especially at the waist! I don’t love how much gathering there is at the waist and think they look a bit like I am wearing a nappy. I wish I had chosen the view that have the invisible side zips instead – they are still loose and comfortable, but that view has much less excess fabric. This is currently in my refashion pile to unpick the side seams and add zips.

Jenny Overalls that started life as trousers in a charity shop

Jenny Overalls – these have been a surprise wardrobe hero! I was so pleased with this brilliant refashion – turning trousers into dungarees is sewing MAGIC. I was unsure if I would wear pink dungarees but these have been worn loads, they surprisingly go with everything! Who knew?!

Axis Dress

Axis Dress – this is one of the pandemic casualties. I love this dress and WANT to wear it but haven’t really been anywhere and haven’t worn it more than once. I love it though and I’m keeping everything crossed it will see lots of wear next summer.

Arenite Pants Toile

Arenite Pants Toile – considering these were a toile they have seen SO much wear. Easily over 30 wears, I wear them several days a week for work. The fabric has started to bobble but because of the marled effect I don’t think anyone will notice. Love them – definite winner!

Fern Dress

Stripey Fern Dress – this has been worn a few times, but definitely not as much as I’d like! I worked so hard on the stripe placement and I am absolutely in love with the finished result. I made my husband a matching shirt with the scraps so now we have twinning outfits too! Not showing any wear yet.

Peppermint Wrap Skirt

Peppermint Wrap Skirt – this has been worn lots and I actually have to convince myself not to reach for it so much. A little hole has formed which I have stitched up with a few delicate stitches. I think I will make another so that I have choices when I get up in the morning. One of my favourite things I’ve ever made.

The best thing I’ve ever made?

Christmas Kalle – three years in the making this is my pride and joy. This was worn at least once a week in the run up to Christmas and so has probably seen 4 or 5 wears so far and isn’t showing any wear and tear. The vintage glass buttons have been fine in the wash. I have already been looking forward to wearing it again this year – how soon is too soon?!

It seems I didn’t make a lot in 2020 but I absolutely love everything I did make. The only “fail” was the Burnside Bibs which I plan to alter the fit of – my plan is to unpick the side seams and narrow the butt/leg before stitching them back together and adding side zips. The other makes are some of my favourite things I’ve ever made – the Christmas Kalle, Peppermint Wrap Skirt and Stripey Fern Dress are some of the nicest-finished & most accomplished garments I’ve made so far and I love them all.

I suspect every single one was such a success is because I made so much less and therefore was more selective about what I made. I am getting better at understanding my style and fit preferences also of course but I suspect slowing down and making less is the key to sewing successes!

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