Tips for Finding Secondhand Fabric on eBay

If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen this information, but seeing as it was unexpectedly one of my most-liked posts ever, I decided I should probably share it on here too for anyone who doesn’t follow my IG and also to preserve it somewhere more permanent from being lost down the social media drain.

If you didn’t see it, what happened was this: my husband bought me some beautiful fabric from the charity shop. I shared a picture of it with a caption that said something like: “I understand not everyone can get to charity shops as they aren’t accessible to everyone – but secondhand fabric shopping should be made accessible – so would anyone like me to share my tips for shopping for fabric secondhand on eBay?” The answer was a resounding YES! So I created these slides which I will share below along with some tips from helpful commenters:

The commenters also had some great tips that I wanted to add: first of all, you can filter by ‘Condition: Used’ I didn’t mention this as I felt that few people list cut lengths of fabric as used but several people said they had success using this filter so it could be worth a try! Secondly, if you do find a fabric you like – be sure to check the ‘Sellers other items’ to see what other gems they could be selling! This could show you fabrics previously missed as well as save money on postage!

That’s it! I hope this was useful, I am glad to give this info a permanent home on the blog instead of letting it get lost in the noise on social media!

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