What to sew with 1m of flannel?

So I finished this shirt for my husband. It’s the Thread Theory Fairfield shirt and I already wrote about the toile here. The final shirt in the fashion fabric turned out nice, don’t you think? Hubby looks handsome, the shirt fits well, it’s great – blah blah blah. BUT I had originally ordered this fabric for myself and personally I think I was being very generous using it for my husband! Saintlike almost. Of course, I didn’t want to completely miss out so I made sure to cut the Fairfield out really carefully and ended up with about 1m spare at the end.

It’s only 110cm wide so there isn’t enough for me to make a shirt for myself (and the oversized look is ‘in’ so I will definitely be borrowing my husband’s anyway!) so I was a bit stuck. I took to Instagram to ask what my followers thought I should make and got back so many amazing responses I thought I would write them all down in a quick blog post for anyone else wondering what to do with 1m of flannel or a similar fabric.

(If you sent me an idea and it isn’t featured below – I’m sorry I couldn’t list them all!)

PJ bottoms for a child – there are a few free patterns that would be suitable on my free children’s pattern list.

PJ shorts for me – a fab idea!

A top for layering – Ogden cami was mentioned or a cute tank to layer under a long sleeved t-shirt.

A gilet/vest/waistcoat – patterns by Twig & Tale were recommended for this.

Lining for the body of a jacket – making the sleeves out of a slippery fabric (which is my preference anyway!)

Water bottle cover – so cosy!

Pinafore dress – something sleeveless and mini length MIGHT be possible of squeezing out of 1m if I disregard any concept of plaid-matching. I remember PatsyPooMakes made a Trevi Dress out of 1m and I think that would look lovely with a blouse or long sleeved tee underneath!

Scarf/infinity scarf – several people recommended this and it wasn’t something I’d ever thought of before!

Short skirt – the Nina Lee Camden skirt is my favourite mini skirt!

Cushions – fab idea, so snuggly!

Colourblocked Shirt – this is a real contender, using a coordinating solid OR a contrasting plaid would look amazing!

Slippers – I’ve made many pairs of slippers before and you could get A LOT out of 1m!

So what will I make with it?

I love the idea of saving it for an awesome jacket lining, I always like to use a really slippery fabric for sleeves anyway so this could be a perfect use for it, I am happy to put it away in the stash for a perfect project. I am also tempted to see if I could squeeze a Trevi Dress out of it – a plaid pinafore dress would get worn a lot I think – especially with the current trend of shirts with big sleeves. An Anthea blouse would look lovely layered underneath a flannel pinny. I am also tempted to use it for PJ bottoms for my little boy – I love making him pyjamas for Christmas Eve and these would be so snuggly!

What would YOU sew with 1m of this?

Thank you to everyone who sent me ideas – I really think this is a fab list and so many of these creative ideas wouldn’t have occurred to me! So tell me, what would YOU make with 1m of this fabric?

One thought on “What to sew with 1m of flannel?

  1. It’s beautiful! The colors are wonderfully autumnal and rich and we see you over there placing your button band perfectly on a stripe! You might be able to get a boxy flannel t-shirt from one meter, but if I’m right and this is a Kaufman flannel, I’d save it for that lining. I have a jacket lined with Kaufman flannel (also leftover from a Fairfield) and it’s so so cozy.


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