Linen Arenite Pants

These linen Arenite Pants are perfect for all seasons! I made them around six months ago (I am carrying on with my look back at makes that never made it to the blog) and I have been wearing them with different shoes/jackets and they are actually perfect for many situations! The linen is definitely more medium-weight as it’s not light, and perfect for trousers/skirts/jackets. Because of its thickness, I thought it was a bit stiff when it first arrived. But little did I know how much this thick sort of linen would soften up after a few washes – they are so soft and amazing now!

I made the slim hack of the Sew Liberated Arenite Pants through the easy-to-follow hack on their blog. You can read a little bit about my thoughts when I toiled these here in this blog post. Once you own the Arenite Pants pattern, the hack shows you how to slim down the legs for a less roomy silhouette. Don’t you think those crescent shaped pockets are amazing?! I love a pattern with interesting design elements and this definitely ticks all the boxes!

The pattern was simple enough to follow but as the seams are all flat-felled it’s not a quick make. It is an enjoyable one though – I have made two pairs now! I also think the flat-felled seams add durability to the garment and as someone who is trying to sew sustainably, I think well-made garments that are going to last can definitely qualify as sustainable. EDITED TO ADD – that statement is what I wrote in my blog post for Minerva – I thought the flat felled seams would be more durable. HOWEVER, in order to reduce bulk in this thick fabric, I had to grade the seams, one of the layers was obviously trimmed too much and one of my flat felled seams is fraying. I did faux flat felled seams for my toile version and they are still going strong! I think I will do flat-felled seams on a case-by-case basis going forward as I’ve fluffed this version! (I will repair them – don’t worry!)

The elastic waistband is comfortable but I think the slim hack keeps them looking quite smart.
Finally, CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS GREEN?! I love green – it’s my favourite colour, but I think a good green is hard to find and this one is particularly gorgeous! I am so happy with these finished trousers and have been wearing them loads – no wonder they are showing wear and tear already! Will fix them and get them back into rotation ASAP!

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