Closet Core Pouf

I am continuing sharing makes that were made a while ago and not yet blogged. Today I am talking about the Closet Core Pouf. First of all I want to say that because this pattern is pieced together it would make an amazing scrapbuster – in fact, I believe it was originally designed to be used for scraps which is obviously a very sustainable way to sew! I chose to make the pouf out of 1m of canvas because it is for my son’s bedroom and I really wanted to make something just for him instead of using it as a way to pawn all my scraps off on him.

That being said, I have not bought anything new to fill it with and it still isn’t full! It currently contains: the small duvet from his toddler bed (now outgrown!), an old pillow, two old cushions, and a HUGE bag of scraps. Yes my version looks a bit more ‘lumpy’ than some of the perfect ones on instagram but I am thrilled it is full of things that were no longer useful – now they have a use again!

Want to know the best thing about the Closet Core Pouf pattern? It’s completely FREE! I chose this gorgeous Art Gallery Fabrics Canvas to make a pouf for my little boy’s room and I can confirm it is sturdy enough for upholstery purposes. This pouf will provide much needed seating as well as add a cosy squishy tool for so many open-ended play ideas! So far it has been a slide, a rock, a bed, a hiding place and so much more! I was really impressed with how soft this canvas is, I expected it to feel sturdy enough for upholstery (which it does) but I wasn’t expecting it to feel lovely and soft as well – perfect for children’s accessories – can you imagine a teddy bear made from this?!

I love how the print looks botanical at first and then upon closer inspection it is actually a cool dinosaur print! My 5yo loves it! I wanted to show off the print so I didn’t piece together the side panels as instructed, I just cut one long strip of fabric for the sides so you can see the dinosaurs marching round the sides. I was tempted to forego the piecing of the top as well but I really prefer the look of the lovely top and decided it was worth the effort even though it breaks up the print a bit. I am no quilter but I found this simple enough to do and whilst it isn’t perfect, I am really happy with how the top turned out! There are so many lovely colours in this print that I was a bit stuck with which colour to go for on the piping – eventually I chose this hot pink as I thought it would give the biggest contrast – I LOVE IT. I am so happy with this choice and think that hot pink compliments the print perfectly! I couldn’t find any piping this exact colour and so I decided to make some myself using hot pink bias binding and piping cord – much easier than I expected! I used this piping tutorial linked in the Pouf pattern instructions.

As you can see, the dinosaurs are now the right way up!

Despite the effort put into piecing together the top, and adding in piping as well as a zip, it was a surprisingly quick make! It came together really quickly and was really fun! Does that mean it went perfectly? Well, no. I completely forgot that it was a directional print when I was sewing it all together and it wasn’t until I had completely finished sewing and stuffing it that I realised the fabric running all the way round the sides of the pouf had been inserted upside down. Upside down dinosaurs?! I couldn’t leave it like that! It was the centrepiece of the whole thing to have dinosaurs walking round the sides – I had cut the fabric specially to have dinosaurs right in the centre! So I dutifully unpicked the whole thing and stitched it all back together again before re-filling it! Speaking of filling it – MAN this thing can hold a lot. There is a full toddler duvet in there, a pillow, two cushions and a bag of scraps and it still doesn’t have that ‘full’ look but I don’t want to fill it up so much that my 5yo can’t move it – it’s getting heavy!
I suspect I will leave it as it is although I might keep adding bags of fabric scraps to it as I make them until it finally looks full! Until then, it’s going to be sat on, jumped on, played with and loved!

One thought on “Closet Core Pouf

  1. This looks so great! I am planning to make the pouf and also wanted to make it with one long strip around the outside but I don’t trust my math! Do you happen to remember the dimensions you used? Thanks so much!


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