Make Nine 2021

I think we are all hoping for a better year in 2021 aren’t we? Although it looks like things aren’t changing anytime soon I hope by the end of this year we will all be in a much better place mentally. I am going to try and pretend that the world is normal-ish and am going to set some intentions for the new year.

In 2020 I actually managed to make all nine items on my 2020 make nine list and this was largely due to picking patterns I was genuinely excited by, choosing a mixture of sewing and knitting plans, and selecting patterns that I already have the fabric and yarns to make. That last point was particularly useful as 2020 threw so many curveballs and my sew-jo went from non-existent to constantly sewing and back again so having projects ready to go was something that I found so helpful! I have tried to bear all these things in mind when making this year’s list. I asked mostly for yarn for Christmas so more than half of my plans are knitting plans as I have the materials on hand for some seriously exciting projects. Let’s take a look shall we?

2021 Make Nine List (from left to right):

Writing this list really reminds me of the way people talk about curating the perfect mix tape. I’ve tried to curate the perfect mixture of easy wins, interesting patterns, materials I want to use, and new techniques I would like to challenge myself with. The backbone is four sweaters that I am SO excited to knit and am dying to wear (the Whitmoor, Forestland, Ladyfingers and Sorrel) I know these are slow burns and will be lucky if I manage to make all four of these. I have chosen Ladyfingers and Sorrel to use up several individual skeins in my stash, I’ve had the yarn for the Whitmoor in my stash for a while, and my husband bought me yarn for the Forestland for Christmas so these are all good to go! I’ve chucked an easy win in there – the SOI Heather dress is a knit dress that I’ve been meaning to try for a while and will probably whip up quickly. I’ve added in the Evelyn trousers that I’ve been meaning to sew for years, I won the paper pattern when it was released and have both toile fabric and fashion fabric ready but have been putting it off as I see it as hard. As well as these six garments, I have also chosen three techniques that I would love to learn during 2021.

Sweater knitting plans!

Firstly, I have been saving every scrap of linen since I started sewing with linen two years ago. Because I have quite a defined colour palette these all go together really well and I have been drooling over lots of gorgeous scrap busting patchwork garments in recent months. This is a slow fashion goal for me, I sewed up a denim scrapbusting jacket last year and loved the process and finished garment but that one didn’t involve any patchworking which is something I am not very familiar with. I also have two pieces of linen in my stash which will obviously generate more scraps once used, I might sew those before I start on this endeavour so that means this one may happen later in the year. I also cannot decide if I want to make an outerwear garment like the Wiksten Haori or the Grainline Tamarack or if I would prefer to make a patchwork dress like the Hinterland, of which I have seen some amazing versions. This tutorial from Elbe Textiles seems like a good place to start, look at the amazing dress they made!

Dress by Elbe Textiles

Secondly, I spent all of my birthday money on 2m of beautiful green wool from Fabworks. I have sourced some lining fabric third-hand (thanks mum for giving me some she picked up at a fabric swap) and I have the pattern ready, BUT I know nothing about tailoring and want to do a good job so I intend to learn some tailoring techniques before I do this. I’ve signed up for Craftsy to learn some tailoring techniques from their classes. Obviously this is another long-term goal but I am in no rush to own the jacket and would like to set the intention to learn some tailoring this year.

This is the wool I bought.

Finally, the third learning goal I want to set for 2021 is to learn how to knit brioche. I kind of see it as leveling up my knitting game and have chosen to start with the Coastal Confessions Cowl as recommended by the amazing @darcidoesit. The pattern comes with a knit-along, email instructions, video classes and an amazing teacher. I don’t mind if it takes me a long time to learn, I think it is lovely to set some goals to challenge myself.

Hopefully these goals are intentional and achievable but even if I don’t complete them all I am excited to learn some new things and continue along my sewing and knitting journeys. I am intending to sew and knit from my stash more again this year but don’t want to set too-strict restrictions on what I can or can’t buy/use. Hopefully you are being gentle with yourself too. Happy new year!

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  1. Jamie Kemp ( Sewing Bee contestant) is a tailor and has a Learn to Tailor with me course free on his website at the moment. His website is:- I hope this is helpful to you. I love your selection for your Make Nine 2021 and look forward to seeing your results.
    Best wishes Ann

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