One Year Sewn… Spring Edition

You may remember that I have been trying to actively look back at clothes I made a year ago in an attempt to evaluate my style, make sure I am not making clothes that I won’t wear and reminding myself to repair or refashion garments that for whatever reason, didn’t work out. I have done an Autumn post and a Winter post so even though it’s a bit late, it’s now time to evaluate what I made in Spring of last year – let’s look at March, April, May 2019!

Pattern: Thread Theory Strathcona, Fabric: Cotton Spandex from Minerva

Henley for hubby – this was a very successful make. It was my first ever button placket – in jersey! It gets worn all the time and the fabric has shown itself to be lovely quality as it is washing and wearing well. The only thing I will say is the wooden buttons definitely weren’t designed to be washed this often and the grain has risen and they feel a bit rough. I have some plastic buttons in my stash that I will replace them with – so this has been a useful exercise already!

Pattern: Peppermint Peplum Top, Fabric: Refashioned from an old dress.

Green Peplum Top refashion – I don’t wear this much because the peplum blows up in the wind. I think I will have to have a little trying on session to see what high-waisted things I have that I can pair it with so if it blows up it won’t matter. I love the top though!

Pattern: Pippi Pinafore, Fabric: this Art Gallery Denim

Art Gallery Denim Pippi Pinafore – I still absolutely love this! The denim is gorgeous and the buttons are sparkly and I just love it and wear it a lot. No improvements needed!

Pattern: Metamorphic Dress, Fabric: An old tablecloth dyed blue

Blue Metamorphic Dress – this is a dress that is in constant rotation. I wore it over t-shirts in autumn, layered under cropped sweaters in winter and now wearing it as a stand-alone dress in summer. Love this and my green one!

Pattern: MBJM Heyday Dungarees, Fabric: Stretch Jumbo Cord

Navy Heyday Dungarees – this garment is probably my most worn garment ever. I wear them all the time and love them so much. I was definitely on a roll last spring! Until…

Pattern: TATB Arielle Skirt, Fabric: Scraps of this stretch jumbo cord

Navy Arielle Skirt – I joined in with York Sewing Bee last Spring, the challenge was to make a TATB Arielle skirt in six hours. I thought I would make a statement by only using recycled/scrap materials. However, my machine decided it didn’t want to sew this thick corduroy anymore and I had a hell of a time sewing it. In my haste to complete it ‘in time’ I then also sewed the buttons too far away from the placket edge, inadvertently making it way too tight. After the bee, I moved the buttons over but never really fell back in love with it. It feels like an autumn skirt so I will save it to try on again in autumn to see if I can love it again.

Pattern: Victory Patterns Hannah Dress, Fabric: Thrifted Duvet Cover

Hannah Dress – this one was supposed to be a wearable toile. I absolutely loved the construction and its such an interesting pattern BUT this toile made out of a duvet cover isn’t actually that wearable. It requires a slip underneath to stop it being see through and I just feel like I am in too many layers considering it’s a summer dress. I think this is fine though as it was extremely useful to make a toile of this complex pattern and I learned a lot.

Pattern: Mandy Boat Tee, Fabric: Organic Jersey from Fabworks – no longer in stock

Stripey T-shirts – I made two, I love them both, wear them all the time. The fabric is washing and wearing well. Total winners.

Pattern: Simplicity 8342, Fabric: Octopus Jersey

Octopus Top – This one is another fail for me. I love the fabric and I think in pictures it looks amazing but it feels very ‘exposed’ like I am showing a lot of skin and I just don’t feel comfortable wearing it. I think it looks lovely on myself and others but couldn’t get on with how I felt in it. Often when I am trying out a new-to-me style I go into clothes shops and try on a garment that resembles what I want to make, I definitely should have done that in this case.

Pattern: True Bias Lander Pants, Fabric: Petrol Cotton Twill

Lander Pants – I am just not sure on these. I feel like they don’t look right on me but have no real idea why. I think they look amazing on others and I only have one other pair of trousers so these were worn a lot even though I don’t particularly like the shape, I LOVE the fabric though. I think I might shorten them to cropped and I might like them more? Worth a try!

Fluffy Raglan sweater for George – I don’t think I have any pictures of this but I made a thick heavy sweater for my little boy in anticipation for a spring camping trip to France. Not knowing how cold the nights in a tent might be I thought a nice thick jumper would be useful. I made it on the big side and this still fits him now and has seen lots of wear.

I think out of twelve garments I made last spring, eight of them are in regular rotation. I definitely think a 33% failure rate is too high (though one of those was a toile), my making has slowed down a lot so hopefully I have already corrected this but I will try to strive to be more mindful of what I make. My worry is that trying to have fewer fails will stop me being adventurous/trying new patterns. Ultimately, I don’t NEED anything so I am bringing new clothes into the world purely for the pleasure of making which isn’t eco-friendly at all. So I know I need to strive to make things that will be worn for a long time. I will continue to think about this and try to improve…

Please feel free to join in! I know that Pink Coat Club has been writing her One Year Sewn posts and I’ve loved reading them! You can share your #OneYearSewn reviews via Instagram or on your blog. It’s not a sewing challenge and there’s no prizes, its just a fun way to review our own wardrobes and give practical feedback on patterns and fabrics to other makers. I think we’re all a little guilty of claiming that our latest make is our FAVOURITE EVER but I’m excited to hear about what really stands the test of time!

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  1. Love this idea of looking back across the whole year. I find I have usually totally forgotten what I’ve made by the end of the year. Ps. Really drawn to the Heydays – lovely in that jumbo cord!

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