Strawberry Carolyn Pyjamas


Do you ever wonder what to make with quilting cotton? I do! I always love the cute novelty prints but I wouldn’t usually wear them day-to-day and couldn’t actually think of a pattern that would suit such a structured cotton that I would actually get any wear out of. Enter the Closet Core Carolyn Pyjamas (Yes I know the pattern is spelt pajamas but I can’t bring myself to spell it the American way!) as well as being perfect for flannel and silky fabrics this pattern also recommends cotton poplin and thus makes it the perfect pattern for using those novelty print cottons or quilting cottons that are cute but never know what to do with!

I chose to make my first pair in this super cute strawberries print cotton poplin, it feels more like a shirting cotton than a quilting cotton as it has a finer smoother hand. I used 3m which was enough to make the trousers in the biggest size and the short sleeved top. I asked for 5m of piping and didn’t have much left – it was the perfect amount, however I think I would make my own next time. I know it would be more time consuming, but I found it hard to get the piping to peek out an even amount, as the shop bought piping is a narrower width than the seam allowance. The pattern itself recommends you make your own because then you can make it exactly as wide as you need and I think it would be much easier to get an even look. This was my first time using piping so maybe someone with more experience using it wouldn’t need it to be any wider, I personally will make my own next time.


If anyone reading this also hasn’t done piping before, I found this video from Amy at Almond Rock to be very useful when navigating that tricky join between the lapels. I would definitely recommend giving that a quick watch if you intend to do the piping on your Carolyn Pyjamas.


I love them and will enjoy feeling a bit more glamorous when I am lounging around instead of my usual sweatpants and t-shirt combo. I am also SO GLAD I can finally recreate all the cute pyjamas that Zooey Deschanel wears in New Girl which tbh was the main reason I wanted to make this pattern!

Style Hero: Jessica Day

I think Jess Day would wear my new strawberry pjs don’t you?! Also FUN FACT – I have cut in a fringe so many times because I love her hair so much! As you know, my hair is super curly so it is so much maintenance to keep a thick straight fringe like this but LOOK HOW CUTE! Gah, I better stop searching for New Girl pictures before I run for the straighteners again!

I wrote up a more extensive blog post on this which can be read here at the Minerva Blogger Network as part of my continued partnership with them. I chose the fabric and what to make with it, all opinions are my own.

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