Denim Month: Burnside Bibs

Picture 1

Do you ever order fabric online and then completely change your mind what you are going to make once it arrives and you feel it?! I ordered this denim chambray expecting to make the Merchant and Mills Ellis Dress but it was far too lightweight for the wintery version I had in mind. This was no problem at all, as you all know I ordered some 6oz denim and made my beautiful Ellis and had an idea what to make with this so I am totally claiming chambray as an acceptable contribution to denim month!

Picture 9

I’ve been wanting to make a pair of Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs for ages but hadn’t got around to sourcing the perfect fabric, as soon as I felt this lovely chambray I knew it was meant to be! It is listed on the website as ‘light’ weight but I had no qualms in using this for dungarees as it has a lot of structure and is completely opaque.


I decided to go for a classic denim look on these, so to go with this beautiful shade of indigo I decided to use a rust colour Gutermann denim thread to really highlight all those topstitching details! I went for View B which is the looser fit view and means that you don’t need to insert a zip. View A is closer fitting and has a side zip. I also went for the cropped leg option as I just love wide legs when they are cropped!


I love topstitching and decided to add some interesting pocket topstitching as I just love giving makes those special details. I think the more detail I pack into my makes, the more I get attached to them and the more likely I am to care and repair them for many years to come – loved clothes last! I chose View B, and there isn’t actually a back pocket piece in the pattern for this view – I was very confused when I printed all the pages and there was no back pocket piece. I decided to use a pocket piece from another pattern and add them anyway…

Picture 8

Now I see why – this view is SO gathered in the back, that the pocket does gape quite a bit when I move. I suspected they might do this but I don’t really mind – if I make them again I will definitely be making View A – damn me and my laziness not wanting to insert a zip!

Picture 4

The fabric was a dream to sew, it responded well to an iron and doesn’t really fray. This was one of those projects that was just really enjoyable (apart from turning out those straps!) Top tip guys – there are two sets of instructions in the pattern for making the straps; 1. Sewing them RST and turning them out for lighter fabrics and 2. Folding and topstitching for heavier fabrics. I went for option 1 as my fabric is light but I REGRET my decision! Those straps are thin and turning them out was frustrating, from now on I will just fold and topstitch.

Picture 3

I definitely plan on making more of these dungarees, I really love the relaxed fit and the wide legs. They are incredibly comfy but also look a little bit more grown up than the other dungaree patterns I’ve tried!

Picture 2

I am also in love with this chambray. I am looking forward to it washing and wearing as these dungarees get worn and showing those signs of age. I am a strong believer in the mantra ‘Loved Clothes Last’ and I have added a lot of special details into these, including a Kylie and the Machine label and some cool pocket details, which will hopefully make sure that I love them and wear them for many years.

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For more information on Gutermann’s denim thread, you can find out more from their website: or you can email:

Disclaimer: ⭐️Threads were provided free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are totally my own, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!