Petite Knit Sunday Sweater


I’ve knit another jumper! This was was really speedy – I knit it in around two and a half weeks! I used WYS The Croft Shetland tweed in colour Lunna, held double with some Wendy Air mohair I got secondhand off eBay to create this lovely fuzzy Petite Knit Sunday Sweater.


I saw a while ago that Rosie of The New Craft House had made a version of this pattern and I completely fell in love with it – the fuzziness, the simplicity, the yoke, those sleeves! I knew I had to make one. I chose to go out of my usual colour choices of yellow, green or blue and make a soft grey version that *should* go with everything in my wardrobe. I am certainly happy with how it goes with denim!


I did a gauge swatch and my gauge was fine so I don’t know if I tightened up or if I just chose the size wrong but this has certainly turned out a bit more snug than I expected. It isn’t too small or anything, I just expected it to be baggier. Not a problem at all, just an observation. Also because this is aran weight it is toasty warm!


I have been following along with Jasika Nicole and her adventures in finding her colour palette recently and after some research of my own I have decided I am most likely a Clear or Cool Winter. Now I do think that I can wear whatever colour I like and it won’t stop me wearing whatever I choose. However, I do think that it is interesting that the colours that don’t ‘suit’ me are the colours that I would never reach for in a million years – browns, oranges and pastels – all colours that I would never own but would suit an ‘Autumn’ or a ‘Spring’ much better!


Maybe I am thinking too much about it and I should go drink a cup of tea instead of obsessively googling colour theories but I did deliberately choose this grey colour (long before I looked into these crazy ideas) because I know it suits my eyes (not that you can tell because I never look at the camera!). Whatever, all I am saying is maybe there is something to it as dove grey turns out to be one of my recommended colours?!


Before I finish, I do want to add that these websites/books on the subject are well known for their outdated ageism, racism and fatphobia by either excluding what might suit whole groups of people or by suggesting what might look more ‘slimming’ so be warned that they are to be approached with caution.


4 thoughts on “Petite Knit Sunday Sweater

  1. This is beautiful! I love a good yoke 😍 this is quite similar to the Sorrell sweater which I am just DYING to get started on, but I have another project to finish first 😫 The colour looks really lovely on you! I think intuition must come into play somewhere, because the colours that don’t suit me I’d never reach for either – white, brown, yellow. Pastels as well, although there’s a *slim* chance you’d get me in an ice pink. Slim. 😂 Anyway, enjoy wearing your beautiful new sweater! 🥰

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    1. Thank you I’m so happy with this one! I think you’re right it’s amazing how much we intuitively reach for the “right” colours, although I apparently should stay away from yellow but I don’t intend on giving up mustard any time soon!

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  2. Your sweater looks really good! You’re right, you are cool-toned. Your skin looks like it has a pink undertone, and grey is a good color for both Winters and Summers. I appreciate that you still wear mustard yellow even though you’re a winter. I’m an autumn, and I discovered that I’m warm toned 2 years ago. Grey is a color that washes out the orange in my brown eyes and my golden undertone, but I still wear it sometimes.

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