Denim Month: Bombazine Mitt


Seeing as my blog post last Sunday was short and sweet I thought I would treat you to a bonus blog post this week and do a #toolthursday post!

As you may have seen, this month the Sewcialists have deemed February ‘Denim Month’ I couldn’t be happier about this as I love denim and it is definitely my favourite fabric. I have made several denim garments over the years and that means I have a few denim scraps. So I decided to put some of the smaller pieces to good use.

Having promised my husband months ago that I would make him an oven glove (anyone else just using a tea towel?!) I finally decided to piece some denim scraps together to give it a go. I printed off the FREE Bombazine Mitt pattern and got to work collecting what I needed. The pattern tells you to have a thick outer layer, something to insulate in the middle and a cotton scrap for the liner. I have denim scraps for the outer layer and cotton scraps for the lining but didn’t know what to use for the middle. The pattern recommends chopping up a thick wool blanket but I don’t have one of those just lying around so the project ground to a halt.


Then Vlieseline asked if I would like to try any of their products and what do you know?! They have a product called 272 Thermolam which has specifically been made to have good hot and cold insulation properties. The pictures on the website show a trivet, an oven glove and a pot holder so I was confident I had found the right stuff! I decided to give it a go and whipped up this oven glove!


I did have some denim scraps that were big enough for the mitt pieces but I thought it looked nice and would be a good way to use up small pieces if I sewed them together. I then used a combination of machine stitches and hand stitches to quilt the denim pieces to the Thermolam insulation.


The machine stitches were quick and easy, I decided to just do straight lines because I couldn’t be bothered to change feet on my machine but if you are less lazy than me you could do some beautiful free arm quilting on these. My machine did not have a problem sewing through both the denim and the Thermolam.


I then decided to get a bit more creative and do a bit of freehand embroidery. What do you think?


Once I had finished embellishing the outers, I sewed them together with a little leather scrap in between for a hanging loop. I then followed the rest of the simple instructions to line it.


This is my first Bombazine Mitt but it definitely won’t be my last. I love the way it looks and think it would make a lovely gift. I tested it out yesterday and managed to get oven trays out of the oven safely. After a while it did start to heat up though and only when I started to write this blog post did I realise that the Vlieseline instructions say to use TWO LAYERS of the batting to make it really heat resistant. So I’m off to make another one (this one is totally useable as long as you don’t plan on holding a hot pan for a long time but I think I should follow the manufacturers instructions to make a really safe one).

At least they are fun to make and decorate!

For more information you can head to for stockists as well as and

Disclaimer: ⭐️Vlieseline 272 Thermolam was provided free of charge in exchange for a review. I chose the product and what to make with it. All opinions are totally my own, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!

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