Plans for 2020


Happy new year! I am sure you are probably fed up by now hearing of everyone’s new year’s resolutions and plans for 2020. Well I am afraid this post is more of the same. I know I’ve been absent from the blog for several weeks now and it has given me lots of time to consider the direction I want to move in.

Firstly, I reached the two year anniversary of this blog in that time, an achievement I am really proud of! When I started this blog I wanted to document my sustainable sewing journey and wasn’t sure I would enjoy blogging at all, let alone still be doing it two years later. If you are reading this then thank you for being here!

Secondly, I want to return to the roots of the sustainable sewing goals that I originally set out with. You may have seen on my Instagram that I have been making some fairly big resolutions in this regard. I have declared that I am not going to be buying or accepting any new fabric until June. I don’t buy much but I do accept quite a bit of free fabric in exchange for reviews. I plan on taking a break from this for the first half of the year and prioritise using up what I already have. I will document on here how I get on and will decide in a few months how I want to proceed going forwards. (Note that I already have two pieces of fabric to write reviews for Minerva, and I have several makes from last year that I haven’t shared yet).

The first part of this has involved reviewing my fabric stash and deciding what sparks joy. If I don’t love the fabric then I don’t think I will love the finished garment. I have had a sort through and kept exactly 30 pieces which I have folded and put in boxes. I have another pile of fabric which I plan to sell in an Instagram destash over the next couple of weeks.


Now I know exactly what I have, I am in a position to think about what I would like to make this year and so I have made another #makenine plan. I know a lot of people have been choosing to set other goals this year and opting out of doing a #makenine2020. I have in fact never succeeded in completing one yet so it may seem foolish to go down this road again (I made six of last year’s nine) .


However, I like setting some intentions even if I don’t manage to finish them. I like seeing how my tastes and plans change over the year and having something to aim for. The very reason I got the moon phases tattoo on my arm is to remind me that change is good. Not that I’m setting out to fail, this year is definitely the year I smash all nine!

I have only chosen sewing and knitting patterns that I already have and that I already own the fabric or yarn for (with the exception of the #findyourfadeshawl
– I need a few more colours to complete the fade I have in mind).


From top left:
@helens__closet York Pinafore
@tessutifabrics Lisa Dress
@pompommag Astragal Sweater
@dreareneeknits Find Your Fade Shawl
@papercutpatterns Pinnacle Top
@closetcase.patterns Carolyn Pyjamas
@grainlinestudio Archer Shirt Hack
@petiteknit Sunday Sweater
Knit literally any socks!

I am so excited to use what I already have and finally get to some of these plans. I also hope that turning away some of the sponsorship offers that I get, I will be able to spend more time documenting the repairs and mending tasks that I complete all the time but never take any pictures of because I am always rushing! I also plan to review what I already have in my wardrobe and pick one thing per month that I am not wearing to alter. I think one alteration per month is reasonable and will really make sure I am getting the most out of what I already have!

Finally, I want to thank you for reading and wish you all health and happiness for the new year to come. Have you made a make nine or any big resolutions for 2020?

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