Knitting Christmas Gift Guide


I have been knitting for one year now and have a pretty good idea of which gadgets/accessories I have found useful. I don’t really need any sewing stuff at the moment so I am mostly asking for things to continue with my knitting projects. So while I was writing my Christmas list to send to Father Christmas, I thought I would also put together a little list of stuff others might find useful suggestions for the knitters in their lives! (Contains some products I was sent for free)


1. Point protectors; I started to really struggle with yarn slipping off my needles, I travel with my knitting now and also have an investigative 4 year old and my knitting doesn’t always stay put where I leave it. Upon some investigation I found that point protectors were what I needed. I’ve been using the turquoise/coral Clover ones pictured above for a while now and don’t know how I managed without them!

2. Stitch markers. I think stitch markers are the perfect gift as you can get so many different kinds and they will always be needed by both knitters and crocheters. I’ve been sent these cute sheep-shaped locking stitch markers from Clover and I like that they come in different sizes and can be kept safe in their little box – super cute AND handy!


3. An interchangeable circular needle set. I’ve got these two sets from Pony and I love them both! I think either one would make a fab gift. I’ve been using both of these intensively and would recommend either. Happy to answer any questions if you have any!


4. Darning needles. I am not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I think I may be the only sewist in the world who is terrified of needles?! This darning needle set that comes in it’s own case makes a cute stocking filler gift AND stops me being terrified that there are loose needles anywhere! There are a few different colours of these depending on what type of needles you use.


5. Yarn. All knitters love yarn, simple.

6. Swatch ruler. I’ve seen a few rectangular shaped ones, and a few that are ordinary rulers marketed to knitters, but I really wanted that 10x10cm square for ease of measuring those swatches! This Clover one is exactly what I was looking for!


7. Wool winder. I haven’t actually got one of these yet but it’s going on my Christmas list! I have been knitting with yarn that comes as skeins a lot more lately and I think I can finally justify owning one of these so I don’t have to wind the ball myself! If you have any recommendations feel free to leave a comment!


8. Sock Blockers. This is another one going on my list. I’ve not tried knitting socks yet but I intend to do so very soon! These ones are ridiculously beautiful but there are cheaper options out there too.


9. Needles. I’ve been wanting to try these bamboo ones for a while and am excited to try them on my next project when I’ve finished knitting my sweater. Just one more sleeve to go…

There are so many gadgets and gizmos out there but this is pretty much everything I use or want at the moment. Fingers crossed Santa (aka hubby) gets the message!

For more information you can head over to the Clover website and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop them an email at  If you are interested in the Pony knitting pins and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email and they will get back to you!

Disclaimer: ⭐️Clover gadgets were provided free of charge in exchange for a review. I have only mentioned the items that I have used and actually found useful. All opinions are totally my own, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!

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