Denim Merchant and Mills Ellis Dress

Pockets full of conkers!

This dress has been a year in the making. I saw Noni’s (@isewyousee) version last winter and knew I wanted to copy it straightaway. It is literally my perfect dress – it’s comfy, detailed, big pocketed and hardwearing. I think it is particularly timeless so I am excited to wear this for many years and watch the denim wear and fade over time.


It took me a while to choose the fabric, I ordered some chambray in the summer but when it arrived I decided I wanted a heavier denim so the chambray became something else (Burnside Bibs – not yet blogged!). I re-read Noni’s instagram post and she mentioned that she used 8oz denim for her dress so I made sure to order the same. This denim was sent to me by Minerva as part of my continued participation in their Blogger Network so head over there to read the full post.


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