Top 10 Scrap Busting Sewing Patterns

Stevie top uses less than 1m!

So just recently I’ve been really loving projects that use 1m or less. I like that they don’t use loads of fabric and have been focussing on working through my scraps. I think this is a great way of adding to a sustainable wardrobe – especially if you have scraps leftover from other projects or picked up in a fabric swap that you can use!

I want to add that there are tons of great patterns out there that are great for scrapbusting and use 1m or less (Ogden Cami I’m looking at you). However I am only including patterns that I myself have used and am happy to recommend! So without further ado, here is my list, feel free to add your favourites in the comments!

Colourblocked Stevie Top

1. My favourite top pattern that I can get out of 1m of fabric is the Tilly and the Buttons Stevie top. I have now made four of these and I have managed to get them all out of 1m or less. Best of all, because the back of the top is made up of three pieces it opens it up for some great colourblocking opportunities to work through those scraps even more!

Nina Lee Camden Skirt

2. My favourite skirt pattern that uses less than 1m is the Nina Lee Camden skirt. I am very close to the largest sizes in this pattern and I can easily get this out of 1m. It is also a lined skirt so you can use up small scraps of cute quilting cottons or leftover viscose scraps to line it!

3. Next, I am currently in the process of making a Fringe top hack and was pleased to discover I could get it easily out of 1m of fabric. I am using this tutorial but am still working on this so will update here when it is finished but so far it is looking good!

Gyo Top

4. Merchant and Mills Gyo top is easily made out of less than 1m. I also think this boxy shape works really well for quiliting cottons so if you have some 1m cuts of pretty quilting cotton that you just couldn’t leave behind then this pattern is for you!

Ida Clutches all made and lined with scraps

5. Ida Clutch is just the ideal scrap buster, I’ve made several and I have so much fun choosing fabrics to pair together for the outer and the linings. Grab yourself some zips and you can work through that scrap box in no time!

Peplum Top refashioned from a tiny dress!

6. Peppermint Patterns Peplum top (try saying that fast three times!) I’ve made two of these so far and the best part is it’s FREE! Easily made from small scraps it’s a good one!


7. Midnight Slippers – my favourite handmade gift to make for people. I think I have made six pairs so far?! I also wear these myself and love them! This is another great scrapbuster and once again this one is FREE!


8. Tailors hams are a great way of using up small scraps and the best part is – you can stuff it with tiny scraps too small to make anything with! Mine are stuffed with overlocker offcuts, small bits that have been trimmed – basically anything too tiny to be of use! Again, this pattern is free!

This organic jersey was expensive so I only bought 1m! Perfect for a Gable Top!

9. Jennifer Lauren Gable Top is my favourite pattern for 1m of jersey. I can’t get a long sleeved top out of 1m but someone smaller than me might be able to? I am able to get a short sleeved one out of a 1m cut.


10. Continuous bias binding – okay, okay so this isn’t a pattern and I actually have several more I could have included but very often this is my favourite way of using up scraps. I like to use this tutorial so that I can use rectangular scraps (lots of tutorials recommend you start with a square which seems wasteful!) and I love remembering previous makes when I add special scrappy binding into my garments! If you haven’t made continuous binding before I highly recommend – it’s easy and small scraps seem to make LOADS of binding!

As I said before there are tons of other ways of sewing up scraps (children’s clothes and underwear immediately spring to mind!) but I really only wanted to recommend patterns that I have used and liked and know I can definitely get out of 1m or less. I would love to hear your favourites in the comments!

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