Ogden/Ida Swap 2019


I just love taking part in swaps – it feels so nice to make a gift for someone you don’t even know and put together a special parcel for them! I don’t tend to do many though, as they can be expensive and I have struggled with others spending much more than I did which left me feeling a bit inadequate. I do like the Ogden/Ida swap though – this is because you know exactly what you are sending and receiving, you can specify which pattern(s) you want to make and whether you can afford/are willing to send internationally AND of course – both patterns are great scrap busters which makes them sustainable if you actually do use scraps!


I had one Ida to make for the swap so I decided seeing as I was rummaging through my scraps bag I would also make a couple more as gifts. I made three in total – one for G’s preschool teacher, one for my husband’s grandma and one for the swap. I actually find it really fun digging through scraps and pairing up which fabrics to use for the outer and the lining.

I made one with some fabric I embroidered, paired with some denim from this skirt and lined with an old dress I’d cut up. I made another with some scraps from the Palava scrap packs I bought and lined with scraps from this Kielo dress. For my swap partner – I saw she was based in Scotland and remembered that some of my Palava scraps are a print of the Edinburgh castle with bagpipers outside and I knew it would make such a special bag, I lined it with the softest Palava tencel scraps in a feather print.

The Scottish themed Ida I made for the swap

I can happily report that all three of my bags were gratefully received! I then waited with anticipation for my clutch – it arrived on the morning of the swap reveal day and it was worth the wait!

My swap partner beautifully packaged mine up like a present and it was made in one of my favourite colours. I am really impressed with the stitching – that leatherette can’t have been easy! I am also amazed how different the Ida feels made up in leather fabric. it feels much smarter and more grown up! I will use this one proudly – I mean the insides are METALLIC! Just gorgeous!


I took part in the Ogden/Ida swap last year too and have thoroughly enjoyed it both times, it’s nice to make new sewing friends and to send a little kindness out into the world!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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