Sustainable Notions: Recycled Topstitching Thread


You may remember a little while ago I was sent some recycled polyester thread from Gutermann and wrote this blog post about it. I’ve been using these threads since March and still can’t find any difference between them and regular thread. The garments I’ve made are holding up fine and so I was thrilled when I was asked if I would like to try some of the topstitching thread too!


Same as the Gutermann sew-all recycled thread, the rPET topstitching threads are made from recycled plastic bottles. I am currently in the process of making some shorts for my husband and when I mentioned that I wanted to do some nice topstitching on the pockets he knew exactly what he wanted… A realistic depiction of the Fitzroy mountain range in Patagonia (he’s a climber)! I am not that great at drawing, let alone stitching a picture but I’m not one to turn away from a challenge so I had a go!


Firstly I sketched out the mountain range on a piece of card, I then cut it out. I laid the cut-out on top of the back pocket piece and drew around it with a chalk pencil. I then tried my very best to follow the chalk line with the topstitching thread. They aren’t perfect and the pockets certainly aren’t identical but I am actually really pleased with how they came out! I think my husband loves them already and I haven’t even finished them!


The topstitching thread behaved as usual when I was sewing these and I have also tried the navy on topstitching some Ida Clutches, I can honestly say I cannot tell the difference! I also tried out the Hemline Topstitching Needles for this project – did you know there was such a thing as Topstitching needles?! I didn’t! They are great though – they are heavy duty needles with a bigger eye – which makes it SO much easier to thread the needles with this bulkier topstitching thread! Again, the needles behaved as normal.


I am so excited that Gutermann is doing recycled Topstitching thread too – now I hope they expand the range to even more colours so that they can switch over to recycled completely (a girl can dream right?!)

For more information on Gutermann’s recycled thread, you can find out more from their website: or you can email:

For more information on Hemline products, feel free to email:

Disclaimer: ⭐️Thread and needles were provided free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are totally my own, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!




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