Sustainable Notions: Recycled Interfacing

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Hi folks!  I have a quick little update for you today. Vlieseline have released a press release regarding their products and sustainability and have asked me to share it with you guys!

For the sake of transparency: I am not receiving anything for sharing this information with you and I haven’t tried all these products, but I know we are all trying to do our best to be sustainable crafters and I know we all need to use interfacing for our projects so I am certainly glad to know which ones are made with recycled plastics and I figured you would probably like to know too!

Vlieseline are committed to reducing carbon footprint, offering products made from plastic bottles and other recycled polyester materials. There are many positive reasons for reducing consumption of new and precious raw materials and Vlieseline are able to do this without compromising on the superior quality they are renowned for.

Optimising environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and transport conditions alongside minimizing use of new raw materials are high priorities and in this way Vlieseline are able to support customers wanting to make their own contribution to sustainability. There are a growing number of Vlieseline products made from recycled material and the following are manufactured using 100% recycled polyester are:

F220 Roll

F220 – Lightweight, fusible, nonwoven interlining used for collars, cuffs, facings etc. on light to medium weight fabrics for dressmaking, home sewing, crafts and needlework. Machine washable to 60° and available in charcoal and white, 90cm wide. RRP £3.50 per metre.


H310 – A medium weight, fusible nonwoven interlining suitable for home sewing, dressmaking, crafts when using medium fabric weights. Ideal for use on garment facings, pockets, ties, collars, cuffs. Machine washable to 40, available in white only, 90cm wide.  RRP £4.99 per metre.

Other Vlieseline products made from recycled materials include;


80% = P120, P140, P250 and 55%= 249

Sew-in Interlinings

65% M12, S13 

Fusible Interlinings

35% =G405 LE420

15% = H180

Why choose Vlieseline products made from sustainable materials?

  1. Synthetic waste materials are recycled and don’t end up in landfill or the sea, polluting the environment.
  2. The quality of recycled PES is just as good as that of newly produced polyester but needs considerably fewer resources for its production.

I think this a great start and I am excited to see that big companies like Vlieseline are making a commitment to sustianability but I definitely think they could do better as this list is quite short! I hope they increase this product range in the future!

To find out more about Vlieseline products and for ‘how to’ instructions and demonstrations, please visit;

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