Hemline Sewing Gauge


Hello! After a little break, I am back with a weekly product review! This week I am looking at this little Hemline Sewing Gauge. I have seen a few different versions of these handy little gadgets popping up all over the internet lately so I was pleased to be able to give this one a go!

I had it to hand throughout my making of a tropical print dress to see how I got on using it. It was useful to have around and I reached for it when I needed to measure the turn up 1 inch for the hem, and measure the 3/8″ for the binding at the neckline.


It has measurements on both sides and they are all in imperial. I don’t know why I was expecting metric on the other side… I guess that the dimensions of the thing would have been tricky to manage in both so I do understand why it probably made sense to pick one and stick to it! There are 14 different measurements in total and both sides aren’t the same.


I did reach for it during my project, but I did find myself reaching for my metal ruler as well – as this sewing gauge is plastic I didn’t want to iron it and I am used to getting pretty close to my measuring tools with a hot iron – anyone else?!


Then I had a BRAINWAVE. It is so little, I realised it would fit really nicely in my purse – and now I have this little measuring tool with me wherever I go! When I am out and about if I need some 1″ elastic – I can measure to make sure I am getting the right one! If I am looking for 5/8″ buttons – I can whip this handy little gadget out and check what buttons are the right size. I have definitely “guessed” which buttons are the right size in the past – often it doesn’t matter – but just sometimes the button placket is narrow and I really wish I had paid attention and bought the correct size buttons – now I always can!


I do think this tool is a bit of a bargain at under £2 and would be useful to anyone who doesn’t try and get as close as physically possible to their measuring tools with an iron, but I am also excited to have this with me wherever I go and I am excited to see if I can think of any more uses for it while I am out and about…

Until next time, happy sewing!

Disclaimer: ⭐️Hemline Sewing Gauge was provided free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are totally my own, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!

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