Perfect Pippi Pinafore!

Picture 1

I’m so excited to finally share this pinafore with you. I’ve been wearing it LOADS! It goes with loads of stuff in my wardrobe and I’ve been wearing it constantly, layered up on cold days and like this on warm days.

Picture 2

It is, of course, the Pippi Pinafore from Jennifer Lauren. I absolutely fell in love with this pattern when it came out and I actually bought it the day it was released. I have made one version already – this grey denim version, but I am finding I’m not really reaching for it. Despite my attempts to liven it up with yellow lining and buttons I am just not excited by it. I don’t know why I won’t learn that I just don’t like wearing plain grey. When I made my Gyo top out of grey linen I ended up printing it with big yellow polka dots as I just hated the plain grey. I definitely think I need to do something similar to jazz up the grey Pippi Pinafore as it is a shame it isn’t getting worn.

Picture 5

This blue denim version is definitely getting some wear though. I have been drooling over this Art Gallery Denim for ages and I am so excited to have some in my me-made wardrobe! The fabric was lovely to work with, it is a non-stretch rigid denim so a jeans needle was needed but that was no problem. I absolutely love the pattern, its actually woven into the fabric and is not printed.

Picture 4

As I’ve made this pattern before I didn’t have to make any adjustments and I had no problem following the instructions. I had some scraps leftover from making this Susie Blouse so the insides look AMAZING. There were tears while making this though. My machine was not doing very well while making this, and it was particularly struggling with buttonholes. After fighting with it to stitch just one buttonhole and unpicking it several times, I shed a tear when it managed that first buttonhole successfully. Then when it did the eighth buttonhole with no further problems I properly ugly cried and called my husband. I don’t expect anyone else to get it, but I totally love this denim and couldn’t bear to ruin it by unpicking crappy buttonholes a bunch of times!

Picture 6

Anyway, it has a happy ending and I absolutely think these glittery buttons were worth the heartache! Finally I have a Pippi Pinafore I am excited to put on in the morning! Oh and if you were wondering, I sought help for my machine and it is now fixed and doing buttonholes like a champ! If you want any more info about working with this fabric, head over to my blog post over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

Disclaimer: ⭐️Fabric and buttons were provided free of charge in exchange for a review. Pattern and notions were bought by me and all opinions are totally my own, I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!


Pattern:  Jennifer Lauren Pippi Pinafore

Fabric: Art Gallery Distress Denim Fabric

My Measurements:

Bust 36″

Waist 32″

Hips 44″

Anything Sustainable about this one?

Yes! All the lining pieces were salvaged from my bag of scraps.


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