Stretchfix Review


Hi, I hope you all are finding this product review series useful! Even if you don’t run out and buy the products I’m talking about, it’s useful to know what different products are out there if you ever need them, right? I hope so! I definitely didn’t know about some of these gadgets and tools that I’ve learned about recently, so I am assuming some of you hadn’t heard about them before either! This week I am talking about Vlieseline Stretchfix which was a new one to me!


It is essentially a hem tape, but not like one I’ve used before. Firstly, it is stretchy and the garment hem remains stretchy after it has been used. Secondly, it has a paper backing which allows for really precise placement. I don’t know about you but the hem tape I’ve used before is adhesive on both sides but doesn’t allow you to apply one side at a time – it made for some pretty wobbly hems!


The instructions that come with it are really comprehensive so I am not going to do a tutorial or anything, you simply iron on the tape to the hem of the garment you are making with the paper backing STILL ON. Then you fold up the hem and iron it – no need to measure anything! You simply turn up the full width of the tape and press. Once you are happy with your pressed hem, you peel off the paper backing and press it back down et voila! Done!


This was the quickest knit hem I’ve ever done. I think that Stretchfix was definitely designed for precision not speed, and I wasn’t trying to go fast, but what with not having to measure the hem allowance I was turning up, and then not having to use pins/clips for stitching it came together SO QUICK!


I am really pleased with my finished t-shirt. I used some organic cotton jersey from Fabworks and used an iron on patch from Literary Emporium I was given for Mother’s Day to make it a bit special. In reality this jersey was already quite stable so it didn’t especially NEED hem tape although it did make this hem beautiful! I am really pleased to have the rest of this packet though as I think it will be a total lifesaver for working with slippery and drapey silk or viscose jerseys. I had sworn off from using viscose/rayon jersey as they are just so horrible to work with and if I don’t enjoy sewing then what’s the point?! However, with the Stretchfix hem tape I might be more willing to give it another chance, as not only does it keep the hem in place (no rolling!) but it also gives it a bit of stability without losing the stretch. Hmm, watch this space…

Disclaimer: ⭐️Stretchfix was provided free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own, and I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like!

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