Thread Theory Strathcona Henley

Picture 5

It was this handsome man’s 31st birthday this week, and amongst other things, I gave him this t shirt I made for him. It is the Strathcona Henley pattern and I made it as this month’s Minerva Crafts Blogger Network make.

It has got me thinking about sewing for other’s more though. I got great joy from making this for my husband and in truth I don’t need any more clothes now. Add that to the fact that my son is growing like a weed and I think I am ready to really put some thought into my Me Made May Pledge.

For all the info on the fabric and pattern head over here to the full blog post on the Minerva site. Making this was certainly a challenge, I hadn’t attempted a placket before and attempting my first one in jersey was a bit foolish. My husband loves his new top though and has requested several more in different colours, so the placket can’t look that bad!

Picture 6
Showing you the wonky placket in all it’s glory!

For the entire month of May, I pledge to wear at least one me-made garment per day. I pledge to use this opportunity to examine what I like to wear and see if there are any gaps in my wardrobe or any styles I no longer like. During the month of May, I pledge not to buy any fabrics or patterns and not to make anything at all for myself until the end of the month when I have examined what I have learnt about my current wardrobe. Instead, I pledge to try and make things that use up as many of my scraps as possible and spend the month making for others.

Picture 3

I have tons of scrap jersey leftover that I plan to use to make my son lots of new clothes as he has just gone up a size and doesn’t have much to wear yet. I also am thinking I might make a start on the Closet Case Pouf that I have been saving scraps forever for! Finally, I think I might try and make some small bags as gifts for people who have birthdays coming up!

Picture 1

I have several garments finished and ready to blog, so there will still be new outfits on here each week throughout May and I plan on documenting how I am getting on (along with daily #diyootd posts) over on Instagram. Have you made a Me Made May pledge?! I’d love to hear about it!


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