Floral Susie Blouse


I requested some of this beautiful Lady McElroy floral cotton poplin from Minerva Crafts as for my January Blogger Network post. I absolutely love the print but I didn’t realise the flowers on it are MASSIVE! When the fabric arrived I was a bit worried that I had ordered it with plans to make a top – would the big print be lost on a small garment? Should I have ordered more and chosen to make a dress to display this beautiful print? I even asked for suggestions what to do with it in my Autumn/Winter makes blog post. After some deliberation I decided, I chose a top because I needed more tops in my wardrobe – so a top it would become!


I am happy with this decision as I am pleasantly surprised that the big print makes a really nice top! I spent a while moving the pattern around on the fabric so I could get a nice fabric placement and I am pleased with the finished effect – I really wanted to display some of the bigger blooms while simultaneously avoiding flower-boobs! A fine line that I think I managed to navigate quite successfully! Phew!


This Susie Blouse was the first time I’ve tried a Sew Over It pattern (I know, where have I been right?!) and while I thought the instructions were clear and the pattern was easy to use, I really struggled with the sizing though! My measurements came in at a size 12 at the bust and a 14 at the waist and hips.


I was a bit worried about making it too small as there aren’t any fastenings to this top – it just goes on over the head. So I went with the straight size 14 as I didn’t want to have any problems pulling it on or off. Good job I did! The bodice fit just fine, no problems getting it on but the sleeves were sooo tight! Like, I could barely get them on, definitely couldn’t lift my arms kind of too-tight! Thank goodness I didn’t cut a 12 at the bust/armscye as my measurements had indicated! I read around a few blogs and saw several people saying the same. I took the sleeves apart and sewed them again with a teeny 0.5cm seam allowance and they fit fine now! It was also a little tight around the hips but I folded up a nice deep hem and that was problem solved! Phew – that was a close one!


Altogether I am chuffed to bits with my new top, I am so glad I managed to rescue it after it almost didn’t fit me! I definitely plan on making this again and at least I now know what adjustments to make for next time. If you want any more info about the fabric (it’s seriously wide!) or the links to any of the supplies used, head over to my blog post over at the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

8 thoughts on “Floral Susie Blouse

  1. You really suit this, and it goes so well with your skirt. I’ve never sewn Sew Over It patterns either, I just am not attracted towards them, but your rendition of this blouse is gorgeous!!


  2. I love it, Vicky! The print works incredibly well as a top. I’m surprised at the sleeve situation though. I usually have problems with my upper arms as I seem to be bigger for my frame there and around my shoulders. Not with my Susies though. I might wear one of them again today and pay more attention…


    1. I think it’s highly likely that SOI draft for a curvier bust size than mine so possibly my small bust measurement put me in a much smaller size than I should have been. This isn’t a problem I have had before but every designer needs to choose a body shape and it’s possible that SOI just doesn’t suit mine. I’ve just discovered Sewaholic draft for a pear shape so I’m interested to try one of theirs!


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