Make Nine Plans 2019


I actually decided on my 2019 make nine plans a few weeks ago and have actually made a start on my makes already, but it’s taken me a few weeks to actually get my thoughts down into a blog post. Am I a bit crazy to be attempting another make nine? I wrote a #2018makenine and made five of them by July, then completely abandoned the list in the second half of the year! Hmm, maybe year-long objectives don’t work for me? OR maybe six months of not knowing where you are going to live just puts a stopper to planned objectives, giving way to more spontaneous making? I’m not sure which it was, so I am going to give it another go this year!

If you aren’t aware of what a Make Nine list is, it’s an initiative concocted by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille and suggests makers come up with nine things they want to make over the year, it can be a list of nine fabrics, nine patterns, sewing or knitting, or a combination – whatever feels right for you!

It’s a super gentle nudge to think about what you’re going to make, here’s a quote from Rochelle’s blog:

This is a gentle challenge. It’s not one that you can fail. It’s meant to be flexible, a tool you can use to evaluate your motivations and needs for working towards specific things as the year goes on. This is meant to be a challenge focused on learning more about yourself and your making habits while achieving goals. Work at your own pace and join in at any time. – That’s it!

Last year’s make nine – Ida Clutch, Hannah Dress, Collins Top, Sointu Tee, Isca Shirt Dress, Nixie Briefs, Kielo Dress, Boundless Style Book, Jennifer Lauren Tailor’s Ham.

This year, in an attempt to try and work my way through my pattern stash, I’ve chosen nine patterns I’ve never made before but do already own. But first, let’s look at how I did with my list last year. In total I made five of my nine; I made this Ida Clutch, this Collins Top, this Sointu Top hack and another one I’ve not blogged, I made two Kielos this one and this one, and I made two of the Tailor’s Hams.

But more importantly, why didn’t I make the other four? The Jennifer Lauren Nixie Briefs. I still own the pattern and I do expect I will make several pairs this year, but I don’t think it’s an exciting enough project to make it one of my nine patterns I am excited to try this year! It’s more of a nice little scrapbusting project for when I fancy something small. I am also cutting out the Boundless Style book. I find all the many different options quite overwhelming so I don’t want to put any pressure onto myself to feel like I have to make something from it this year. I’m hoping I will find some fabric that will inspire me to use it but until the. No pressure!

This year’s make nine list – Beach Breeze Pullover, Hannah Dress, Metamorphic Dress, Susie Top, Isca Shirt Dress, Durumi Sweater, Into the Pines Hat, Solar Top, Owls Sweater.

I would still love to make the Victory Patterns Hannah dress, I have no good reason to have not made this and I even have the fabric for two versions so this is firmly back on my 2019 make nine list. I think the reason I didn’t make the Isca Shirt Dress is that I’ve built it up in my head as a tricky make. I mean, button plackets and collar stands?! By the time in the year I was moving on to this (July) we had already started the saga that is our house move horror and I just wasn’t in the mood for this. As we are about to move (HOORAY!) I am hoping to be in the right mental space to really take my time over a lovely project like this so this one is again firmly in my 2019 make nine list.

So what else am I throwing into the ring this year? Well, KNITTING PATTERNS! I started to learn to knit in September last year and whilst I am still slow and still a newbie, I am so excited about where this new craft will take me. In order to develop my skills am hoping to make:  the Beach Breeze Pullover (to learn stripes), the Into the Pines Hat and the Owls Sweater (to practise cables) and the Durumi Sweater (to dip my toes into colourwork). New sewing patterns to the list this year are: Sew Over It Susie Blouse, Papercut Patterns Solar Sweater and Sew Liberated’s Metamorphic Dress.

I am really optimistic about sticking to this list and making some beautiful things. I am excited by the mix of crafts and techniques and I think they all lend them self to slow fashion if I take my time over finishes and small details. Wish me luck!

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