First two weeks of #mmmay18

Hello! It’s me! No, I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth – I have been taking part in my first Me Made May over on Instagram but the blog has been sadly neglected so far this month. I think it has been a combination of my little boy turning three and just having a crazy couple of weeks but everything is settling down now and I’m back on the ole blog!

Having never taken part in Me Made May before I was looking forward to admiring everyone else’s outfits and feeling inspired. I was ready to take a quick snap every day and share it but I wasn’t really prepared for how quickly and acutely I would be examining everything in my wardrobe.

We’ve had a bit of a rare May heatwave here in the UK and I realised pretty quickly I wasn’t much prepared for it in the wardrobe department. I only own one pair of shorts – a RTW pair I bought in a charity shop a couple of years ago. They fit but are not particularly flattering so I don’t reach for them unless I have to (have to = it’s too hot for trousers but I’m doing something unsuitable for a dress/skirt. READ: soft play/playground etc). So there is definitely a huge gap in my wardrobe – I absolutely need a couple of pairs of shorts! I like the shorts version of the Lander pants and absolutely fell in love with this Burda pattern but am open to suggestions if you have any favourite shorts patterns?

I also have been gravitating towards styles with a more ‘nipped in’ waist recently as I have been analysing my style trying to build a bit of a capsule wardrobe, so all of the tent dresses and trapeze style tops I made to hide my tummy after having a baby now seem frumpy and unflattering on me. I’ve tried a couple of these kinds of tops out in the hot weather and I’m not sure they will be getting much more wear this year as I simply did not like them on me.

Bizarrely the unexpected wardrobe hero is something I didn’t even make – a pair of linen trousers I bought last summer from the charity shop for £1, they didn’t even fit me last year but now they fit I am wearing them loads in the hot weather! Perhaps that will change when I have some shorts I like though…

I expected to have some outfit repeats as I don’t have enough handmade outfits for 31 days but I made it part of my pledge to try and wear things in different ways, I think I have been finding that a bit of a challenge – I’ve been wearing my garments made out of the stars fabric as soon as it comes out of the machine!

I also had the absolute pleasure of attending the Yorkshire #alittlelawnparty meet up which was organised by Elena, Sam and Natalie. It was a real joy to meet so many inspirational sewing ladies in real life and we spent a lovely afternoon chatting, admiring each other’s dresses and eating cake! Perfect!

Day 10 – All of us in our #alittlelawnparty makes!

I am really interested to see what else I can learn about my wardrobe in the second half of Me Made May and I am looking forward to that focusing my sewing efforts going forwards! Are you taking part in #mmmay18? How is it going for you?

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