Snowy Swagger Sweater


Anyone else try and get blog pictures in the snow? I was so full of cold but was determined to get out in that pretty white stuff for some nice pictures – unfortunately a horrendous cold and standing in the snow without a coat on wasn’t a good combination, so this is what I ended up with – I’ll definitely give it a miss next time!

Anyway, on to the sewing! I made this top – it’s the Swagger Sweater from George and Ginger Patterns. I have written a post before about the Rival Dress from George and Ginger and so I would definitely say I was a fan of this pattern company!

The fabric I used for this top is a bird french terry I bought from the Birmingham Rag Market ages ago, I really like the structure this gives to the ‘flounces’ and that it is soft and snuggly and warm (though not warm enough for no coat in the snow!).

I really like the construction of this top, it was easy to make but looks really polished. The flounces at the back of the top are actually made from two full circle skirt pieces that are sewn on from one hip, round the back and to the other hip, the tummy-portion of the top is only one layer – no flounce. The effect this gives is a lovely shape around the hips/back of the top but does mean this top is a real fabric drain! I think to be more efficient with precious fabric it would be possible to cut the bigger circle (the bottom layer) out of a coordinating fabric as most of that layer isn’t seen.


Check out that twirl! It gives you an idea of the fullness of the skirt at the back of the top and gives you an idea of the length – I am 5′ 7″ and as you can see it pretty much covers my bum – I made no length adjustments. This is perfect for me, as a mum of a toddler I spend a lot of time crawling around on the floor so any top that is long enough to keep me covered while I am doing that is a big win in my book!

I made the 3/4 length sleeve and kind of wish I had gone for the long sleeve so I could wear it as more of a ‘sweater’ as the name suggests. Although the pattern name is ‘Swagger Sweater’ there are short sleeve and sleeveless options in the pattern so it is definitely intended to be worn as a top for all seasons. I can definitely see me making more!

Did you take any pictures in the snow? I hope they turned out better than these!

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