Gifting Scraps – Part 2


I love giving slippers as gifts! They are warm and cosy and really say ‘I care about you not having cold feet’. I think it is even nicer if you make the slippers to give to someone, I think I have now used this FREE slipper pattern around six times for both men and women of all ages and it’s always a hit! Here is what I’ve learned…

First of all, this free pattern is the Midnight Slippers Pattern from Stitch Upon a Time, you have to join their Facebook Group to access the pdf pattern in the files of the group but it’s easy to find and use. It is marketed as ‘unisex’ but the biggest size is probably suitable for a UK 8/9 at the most so I have extended the lines a couple of times myself to make some bigger sizes for the men in my family.


As you can see in the picture above, the pieces used in making the slippers are only small – absolutely perfect for using up scraps! And the pattern is really versatile – the topper fabric can be either woven or jersey, the padding and lining layers could be flannel, fleece or snuggly sherpa, I have used all three and they have all worked great. Obviously, the thicker your layers the warmer the slippers but be careful you aren’t making it too bulky for your machine to handle! For the sole of the shoe I have used slipper gripper fabric but I think you can also use a woven like canvas and use puffy paint to make the soles grippy – I’m sure Pinterest would be your friend if you wanted to go with this option! Unfortunately slipper gripper fabric seems quite hard to come by in the UK, I bought mine ages ago from Kelanas Kreations and they don’t seem to have it anymore, I can’t find any on eBay either. If you know of where to get some please pop it in the comments below!


You may recognise this fabric from my previous post about the tailor’s hams. All the fabrics used in this post are from the same scraps bundle I bought from my favourite RTW company Palava. I thought it was a great idea to use two different parts of the print for the two slipper toes, but now I just think that they look like two odd shoes! Haha!

In these two new pairs I have made, I used a woven cotton/tencel topper, with flannel padding layer and lined with sherpa fleece. I am really pleased with these new pairs – one pair for me and one for my mum. Both of the last pairs I made for each of us have holes in so we definitely deserved snuggly new pairs!

I think this is the second post I’ve done featuring a free pattern, and another pattern on my #2018makenine list is also a freebie – I absolutely love a bargain and am thinking I might need to write a post all about the free patterns I use and love! Do you have any favourite free patterns I should check out?


14 thoughts on “Gifting Scraps – Part 2

  1. As the very lucky recipient of one of your new pairs I’d like to say…Thank you for my cosy toes!!!
    They are beautifully wrapped in lovely Palava fabric now!!
    Mum xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I checked on Sunday when I published the free patterns blog post and the Midnight Slippers pattern was available to download in the ‘Files’ area of the SUAT Facebook group so it should still be there 😊


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