#SewStripes: Vintage Fabric


Hello! It’s February and if you follow the Sewcialists blog then you will know that means it is #SewStripes month! I have a very special guest blog post up my sleeve for this very occasion but didn’t want to leave out my own blog so I’ve whipped up this little outfit consisting of TWO different striped fabrics. Yep you heard me – double stripes!

The top is made from the Gable Top pattern by Jennifer Lauren Handmade. It’s the second Gable top I’ve made and I am happy with the fit of this one, the first one I made was a bit too big around the bust – I had graded down one size but it wasn’t enough – this stripey version is two sizes smaller around the bust than the waist/hips and this fits much better! The fabric I chose for this top was stash fabric that I picked up from a stall at the Birmingham Rag market in 2016. This is again Overstock fabric as the stall didn’t even have any fabric on the bolt – it was just selling offcut pieces for £2 per piece or 3 for £5. This piece was definitely over 2m and is absolutely lovely quality so a definite bargain! I’ve made my little boy some t-shirts out of this fabric and it is washing and wearing beautifully (and believe me, t-shirts worn by a 2-year-old get subjected to a lot of washing!)

I just love the neckline and shape of the Gable Top and I think it is screaming out to be made in stripes as it forms a classic Breton top. I have been wearing both my Gables under my Cleo dungaree dresses pretty much non-stop. I already have plans to make one in rainbow stripe fabric to complete my transformation into oversized-toddler.


Whilst the Gable Top was a recent make, I have paired it with this skirt that I made years ago. It is actually a self-drafted skirt that started off life as a sketch on the back of an envelope. Inspired by this small piece of vintage fabric I ordered off an Instagram shop (which is sadly no longer going), I sketched out an idea I had to have the stripes running in different directions to create this chevron effect on the sides as well as the vertical stripes on the front clashing with the horizontal stripes of the waistband.

This was a sketch on the back of an envelope made in 2014!

I really just winged this pattern and I am quite frankly shocked it still fits me since having a baby! It has an interfaced waistband and a hidden zip in the centre back seam. I used all of the fabric I had to make the skirt part which I simply gathered to fit the waistband.

Check out those chevrons!

I made this skirt during a creative time I was having a few years ago, but with a busy job and more money for travelling, anything crafty fell by the wayside. I only really got addicted to sewing after having my little boy and making loads of quick and easy (and cute!) baby clothes. When I look at how well those stripes were matched up at those chevrons I really wish I had carried on sewing then – I had sooo much free time and no baby to look after – what was I thinking letting it slide?!

Anyway, lamenting my pre-mum life aside, I am really grateful for this month’s theme of #sewstripes for encouraging me to make a new top and dig out an old skirt. I had no idea it still fit, let alone would look cute with my new top! Have you sewn anything with stripes for this month? I’d love to see!

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