A Walk in the Woods


I don’t only wear yellow. Honest. I am usually found wearing blue but I do (obviously!) love mustard as well. This beautiful location is Cropton forest in the North Yorkshire Moors and it is lovely at any time of year. If you have the opportunity to go I highly recommend a visit.

Anyway, onto the sewing… I made this mustard dress from some gorgeous Avoca double knit from Fabworks, this was purchased in December 2016 so well before my sustainability pledge. It’s soft and warm and I paired it with some navy quilted jersey also from Fabworks to make this Rival Dress from George and Ginger Patterns.


This was my first time using this pattern but I have made several patterns from George and Ginger and I am a big fan, the patterns I’ve tried have all come together easily and been comfy and stylish and this was no exception. I made my usual adjustment of sizing up around the hips and I also drafted a slightly smaller cowl neck as the one included in the pattern is HUGE – check it out:

I am really pleased with how the dress turned out, it’s warm and comfy-cosy and has really deep pockets. The yellow double-knit is excellent quality and is washing and wearing well, however, the quilted navy knit bobbled after the first wash. Grrr not great! This is really disappointing as I loved it so much I bought it in three colours! Planning an MBJM Cottesloe Cowl for my little boy and a Hey June Tallinn Sweater for me I thought my fabric prayers had been answered. However, this year I am trying to sew much more sustainably and I am not happy with making things that we are probably only going to wear this winter. I feel like anything made with this fabric is really only going to be good for one season so I intend to pass them on to someone who makes much more on-trend seasonal items that won’t mind using less durable fabrics.

The next post definitely won’t be about a yellow garment I promise! I am working on something special for the Sewcialists… What have you been working on lately?

3 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. I love reading your blog! Cropton Forest is beautiful! You have inspired me to try making something with a knit again. I have not been happy in the past with the way my sewing machine handles knits.Do you use a serger to make your clothes?

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    1. Hi! I’m so happy you’re here reading my blog! Yes I do use a serger/overlocker most of the time when sewing knits. Sometimes using a sewing machine is necessary and I totally agree it’s tricky! I bought my overlocker used and didn’t pay a lot for it and it’s been a real life changer so if you can get your hands on a cheap one I highly recommend it!


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