I’ve finally settled on my nine patterns for my #2018makenine. I took my time choosing as I really wanted them all to be patterns I already own but haven’t made yet, sort of stash-busting my patterns. I wanted to choose patterns I’ve never made before because it feels like these are the projects I can aspire to completing. I know I will probably remake several tried-and-tested patterns this year so it didn’t feel like a challenge to include them in the list. I’ve also tried to carefully choose a mix of full garments and small scrap-busting projects. I am happy I have found a good balance with my final nine.

So let’s take a look at what I’ve chosen!

  1. Ida Clutch by Kylie and the Machine
  2. Hannah Dress by Victory Patterns
  3. Collins Top by In The Folds
  4. Sointu Tee by Named Patterns
  5. Isca Shirt Dress by Marilla Walker
  6. Nixie Briefs by Jennifer Lauren Handmade
  7. Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Patterns
  8. Any pattern from Boundless Style book by Victory Patterns
  9. Tailor’s Ham by Jennifer Lauren Handmade

Lots of these will be a challenge to me for various reasons. I’ve never made a bag before so the Ida Clutch seems like a good starting point and I’m hoping it will be a way to put some of my scraps to good use. I am also hoping the Nixie Briefs and free Tailor’s Ham pattern from Jennifer Lauren Handmade will also be helpful in using up scraps.

The Isca Shirt Dress and Hannah Dress both require buttonholes so that will be fun too seeing as they make me nervous – it’s so scary that the buttonholes make or break a project right at the end of the make!

The Sointu Tee and the Kielo wrap dress from Named Patterns are both designed for stretch fabrics so it is likely I will make those alongside bigger more-challenging projects as a nice break.

Finally, I was given the Boundless Style book for Christmas and I am so inspired by it I simply cannot choose what I am going to make first so I just want to commit to making at least one pattern from this book this year.

I am really happy with my final list and feel excited by all of these projects – I just hope the enthusiasm for these specific patterns continues throughout the year so I actually get them all made!

Have you made a #2018makenine list? What’s on yours? Share your links/comments below – I would love to have a read!

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